Gabriel Wickbold


For about a year now since I started experimenting with my photography I have been OBSESSED by photographer, Gabriel Wickbold. I just love the colour that he shows in his work and how sharp and vibrant the images are. I was particularly interested in his Sexual Colour series and the concepts of covering the body with paint and other materials to present sexuality without the artwork being too explicit as Wickbold explains;

Sexual Color is work that purely reflects sex art. It portrays everything i would like to perform in a nude photograph. Sexuality involves curiosity. It is no fun if it’s too explicit. Insinuating generates much more sex appeal then merely giving it away.

Also, as I haven’t visited his website all summer I’ve had a look at his new series “Naive”; JUST AMAZING!! I’ve been wanting to experiment with some high contrast black and white portrait photography, and Wickbold adds a twist of colour that doesn’t look at all cliche or amateur. So inspired…

Have a look!

Gabriel-Wickbold3-600x900 Gabriel-Wickbold-photography-600x900 Gabriel-Wickbold-6-600x900 Gabriel_Wickbold_29-600x900


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