Gabriel Wickbold Inspired Shoot


So this was the outcome of my fascination with Wickbold’s Sexual Colour series. I’m not sure what Wickbold used to cover his model and make him so blue, but I used some cheap acrylic paint and just painted it onto my models face. At first, I tried dribbling the paint down the face, and I didn’t have the facilities or equipment to throw it at my model; but that just looked way too boring. I then smudged the paint all over my models face, which gave me this outcome. I think what really draws you to this photo is the eyes, and I think the only reason that they look that way was because the paint had got into his eyes.

I know this isn’t the best photo, with it actually being 2 photos, but I just love the emotion that I caught in my models eyes. I would love to experiment more with paint now though, and I would defiantly go back to Wickbold’s work now that I have the equipment and facilities…


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