Imke Klee


“Born in 1979 in Northern Germany. Imke Klee lives and works in France/Paris and Germany/Bremen. Her passion for pictures, design, art and crafts led her to artistic studies at the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein in Krefeld and at the University of the Arts in Bremen. After graduating in 2007 she became a stylist, photographer and iconographic researcher and since then works for trend analyst Li Edelkoort (Trend Union) in Paris as well as on her own projects and teaches at the University of the Arts in Bremen.”

When initially thinking about the still life aspect of the First Light project, I knew that I wanted to focus on still lives that related to fashion. I was also thinking about the types of product shots of make up and nail polish ect. in fashion magazines, and how they can be translates into still life photographs. So, as I have mentioned before, usually when I’m stuck on ideas and inspiration for a project I take a visit to Trendland ( When I searched “still life”, this wonderful photographer popped up.

I was drawn to the work of Imke Klee because of the fashion feel that you get from her photographs. Also, I liked the fact that there was a series photographs to look and and compare. I also really like the way that she has used colour as a theme for every photograph, with each colour varying in different shades. I think that with each colour there is a also a different mood or feeling attached; For example, in the blue themed photograph I get a feeling of sophistication and knowledge. Whereas in the photograph with the black objects I get a feeling of sadness and morbidity, even though there are wedding cake models and toys in the shot. These feelings that are attached to each photograph I believe were intentional by Klee, making us realise what colours we associate with feelings and emotions. I am also intrigued by the wide variety of objects in each photo, making me wonder just how long they all took to collect, and also what significance they might have in her own life; especially the black and white, and polaroid photographs that are presented in a few of the images.


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