Anna Pogossova


“Photographer ANNA POGOSSOVA was born and raised in Moscow, Russia but migrated to Australia in 1994. She went on to study at the UNSW College of Fine Arts in Sydney and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts (BA Hons), majoring in Photomedia.

In 2005 she was one of the top 3 finalists in the photography category for Qantas Spirit of Youth of Australia Award (SOYA), which was exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney. It was this association with SOYA that caught the attention of MTV execs who asked Anna to shoot the stills for their winter advertising campaign and things took off from there. Soon she was shooting look books for a number of emerging quirky designers (much like herself) and thus began her interest in fashion.

Anna has such a unique signature style as she integrates her fine arts background and influences into her editorial and commercial work, along with a good dose of pop culture references and always with a sense of humour. She is fascinated by the dialogue between still life and fashion; the way graphic elements, illustrations and still life can be incorporated into fashion stories. Her creative brain never stops ticking and she always tries to work with the personality of a particular object to then construct a mini world around it.”

So for my First Light project at university I’m also looking at product photography to go alongside my still life shots. I found the work of Anna Pogossova very inspirational. I was really drawn to her work because of the high contrast and bright, vivid colours in her photos. Also, when really analysing her photos I have realised that there involves a lot of skill and post-production involved. I am so inspired to try and replicate something like this for my product photography, and I am especially interested in trying to achieve the composition and colour that Pogossova has produced.


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