Studio Still Life Shoot



So this was my first experience of a studio shoot, and I was so surprised how much easier it was taking photos there than at home. During my previous shoots at home I was using 2 150 Arri tungsten lights, which both subsequently exploded (apparently due to a bad batch of bulbs?), so as a lighting novice I was a little scared of the Arris. I then did another shoot at home using 2 Dedolights, but I couldn’t tone down the shadows, so the images looked way too harsh, and I also wasn’t happy with the flatness of the photographs. So I booked a studio session and decided to present the objects upright, as I had them laid flat in previous shoots. To light the objects I used to Elinchrom LED lights, which I found much, much easier to work with. I also used a Sigma 50mm prime lens and a Canon 600D to shoot with. As I said before, I was so surprised how much easier it was to work in a studio, and getting the images I wanted was a breeze.

When I was happy with the photos that I had taken, I use Lightroom to edit out and spots and stains that were on the small cove that I was using. As I was editing on a grey background, I can now see that the whit balance of the photographs still isn’t correct, But apart from that I am really happy with the final images. I also experimented with some product photography with a perfume bottle that I had with me, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I will be doing another studio shoot on Monday, and the results will be on here sometime next week… Hope you like them!



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